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Watch this video and more on ABCREAD READING PROGRAM

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Lesson 6 - Consonant Blend Pictures

21 Reading Lessons • 15m

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  • Lesson 7 - The R

    Master the various sounds of the letter 'R' with our short focused phonics lesson! This video provides a comprehensive overview of the letter R, demonstrating its unique pronunciations in different word positions and accents. This lesson is invaluable for learners at any level seeking to perfect ...

  • Lesson 8 - Consonant Blends + Vowels

    Learn all the Consonant Blends with our targeted lesson! This video has the different combinations of consonant blends that frequently appear together in English… such as and the fl in flag and the beginning and ending sounds in brush. Each lesson concludes with a test that is designed to confirm...

  • Lesson 9 - The Silent E

    Discover how this silent letter at the end of word can alter the vowel sound. The easy to learn “Silent E” rule is applied in many everyday words. Most words contain the short sounds of words. This silent letter at the end of words changes the short vowel sound to a long vowel sound. The lesson ...