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Watch this video and more on ABCREAD READING PROGRAM

Watch this video and more on ABCREAD READING PROGRAM

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Lesson 9 - The Silent E

21 Reading Lessons • 7m 36s

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  • Lesson 10 - Diphthongs & Digraphs

    Another must lesson to learn! Diphthongs and digraphs are extremely important in our English pronunciation. What is good about them is that they stay constant with the same sound… most of the time! Diphthongs are sounds formed by the combination of two or more vowels in a single sound that has t...

  • Lesson 11- Syllables

    This short video is a must!!! Learn how to break words into parts, which is essential for reading and pronunciation. This video simplifies the formation of syllables in a simple formula… that works most of the time! Make ensure you have grasped this easy to learn “one sentence formula”.

  • Lesson 12 Two Troublesome Consonants ...

    Navigate the challenges of two particularly troublesome consonants with this lesson. Discover the tricks and techniques to master these sounds that many learners find difficult. This video will break down each consonant, providing clear examples and pronunciation tips to help you overcome common ...