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Watch this video and more on ABCREAD READING PROGRAM

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Lesson 14 - Prefixes

21 Reading Lessons • 4m 57s

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  • Lesson 15 - Picture Endings

    This video has pictures that give you the spelling, with an image of 45 common endings. Our last video, Video 21, has difficult endings. Colorful pictures will illustrate how these endings are pronounced and spelled. The video ends with a test to confirm your knowledge of 45 word endings.

  • Lesson 16 - Augh & Ough

    Explore the 7 different ways you can pronounce “AUGH and OUGH” words! These combinations can be tricky as they appear in words with varied and sometimes unexpected pronunciations. This video will guide you through the different sounds associated with these letter groups. Learn the one sound that ...

  • Lesson 17 - Same Letters Different So...

    Unlock the complexities of English phonetics with our lesson on the Same Letters that have Different Sounds. This video reveals how identical letters can produce dramatically different sounds based on their context within the words. This insight is essential for both pronunciation and spelling. T...