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Watch this video and more on ABCREAD READING PROGRAM

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Lesson 18 - Different Letters - Same Sounds

21 Reading Lessons • 19m

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    Master the rules of forming plurals in English with our detailed lesson on “Plurals”. This video covers the various ways in which singular nouns are formed into plurals, from simple endings like adding an “S” to more complex changes involving spelling a different word. Learn about regular and ir...

  • Lesson 20 - Beginnings - Middles - En...

    Learn how letters based on their positions within words can influence its sound and meaning. The placement of a letter or group of letters can sound differently at the start of a word compared to the middle and end of a word. The lesson concludes with a test to ensure you have mastered these conc...

  • Lesson 21 - Difficult Endings

    This video explores 107 endings. Some are a review of the common endings already in the program, but many are more difficult complex endings with ... such as the “que”… that has 2 sounds as in the words antique & tongue. There are some simple rules to help you pronounce the last syllable of words...